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Checking domain authority gives you an idea of how well a website is performing on search engines.

In SEO staying ahead of the competition is the key to success. As a team of SEO experts and webmasters who have spent years researching and developing tools to boost online visibility, we are excited to introduce you to a game-changer in the SEO landscape - the "DA PA Checker." Without delaying further, let's dive into its details.

What is DA PA Checker?

Checking domain authority gives you an idea of how well a website is performing on search engines. The Online DA PA checker is an efficient tool developed to check DA PA of a website quickly. 

In the competitive online world where approx. 175 new websites are being created every minute, how can you know the trustworthiness of a website? That’s where Domain Authority and Page Authority come in. It gives an approximation of the authority of a site by analyzing different factors. All you just have to do is paste the URL in the search bar and click on Check DA PA.

Our bulk DA PA checker will help you to check domain authority for free — whether you want to analyze your own website or your competitors, it will give you accurate results in just a matter of time.

How to Use DA PA Checker?

Checking domain authority and page authority has become super easy and efficient with our Bulk DA PA checker.

To check the domain authority of a website, follow these steps:

Step #1: Enter the website URL in the input field.

Step #2: Click on the “Check DA PA” button to analyze the authority of a page or website.

Amazingly, you can also check the DA PA of up to 1,000 websites at once using our tool. To check DA PA in bulk, enter up to 1000 URLs and get the desired value with just one click. After getting such huge data at once, you will feel astonished.

Features of Our Free Website DA PA Checker

Having experience of more than a decade in the field of search engine optimization, we know how important it is for any SEO expert or webmaster to know accurate metrics of the domain and page authority of his website. So, our well-experienced team of webmasters has developed this online DA PA checker using advanced algorithms and it is based on Moz APIs to get the accurate authority of a domain and page. 

You may find multiple DA PA checking tools online, but our tool offers the following features that no one provides and you must take advantage of:

Check Moz Domain Authority of 1000 Websites at Once:

Our efficient Moz bulk DA checker allows users to check the domain authority of more than one website easily. With Moz, you can check the DA of only one website at a time. But, by using our DA PA checker tool, you can analyze the authority of multiple websites and specific pages in a single click. This is what makes our tool different from other DA PA checker tools available in the market.

It's one of the most reliable tools available online allowing bulk domain checking for free. Take advantage and get the in-depth insights needed to build your SEO strategy.

Quick and Accurate Metrics:

Our DA PA checker provides speedy and precise Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics. With a single click, you can access critical information about your website's SEO health. This helps you make informed decisions without the hassle of manual calculations.

Completely Free:

In a world where quality SEO tools often come with a hefty price tag, our DA PA checker tool stands out. It is completely free to use —you don’t need to register yourself or pay any specific registration fee to find the DA PA of your website. It comes with a freemium version so you can use it multiple times and check domains in bulk without any subscription or opting as a premium user.

Easy to Use:

Usability and offering an excellent user experience is the most important factor when we develop any tool for our users. Keeping this in view, we have developed an easy-to-use and reliable tool that can give you the required results in the most efficient way and with only a single click. You don't need to go into complex dashboards or registration processes to get the domain authority of the website.

Analyze Spam Score:

With our online DA PA checker online, you can also analyze the spam score of a website. It actually refers to the trustworthiness of a website by figuring out if there are any spammy links attached to the site.

Moreover, with this spam score checker, you can also get to know whether a website is penalized or banned by search engines.

Plan and Strategize Effectively:

With the data our tool provides, you can devise and execute SEO strategies that are data-driven. Whether you're focused on improving your website's DA and PA, conducting competitive analysis, or refining your link-building efforts, the insights you gain from our tool empower you to plan and strategize effectively.

What is Domain Authority and Page Authority? 

Domain authority is a logarithmic scale developed by Moz to tell search engine ranking score and likeness of a website to get ranked. Moreover, as the name explains, it refers to the authority of a domain and signals the authoritative strength of the overall domain on a scale of 0 to 100.

There are 40 different factors that contribute to evaluating the Moz domain authority like linking root domains, the total number of backlinks, and the quality of websites linking to it. After early 2019, Moz updated its algorithm and now calculating the DA of a website on machine learning algorithms that foresee how many times that specific domain is appearing in Google search results.

The Industry leader in the world of SEO Sarah from Web Wizard points out, "DA is a score that shows your website's readiness to compete online. A high DA means smoother sailing towards search engine supremacy."

On the other side, page authority refers to the authority of a specific page or number of pages instead of the overall domain. It again shows the likeliness of a specific page getting ranked on search engines. It is also developed by Moz where the scale ranges from 1 to 100. Based on specific page performance, you can see how well your page is performing with the competitors.

PA or page authority is also calculated by Moz AI machine learning algorithm and takes into account different factors like traffic linked to the specific page, inbound/outbound links linked to a page, keyword density, and even page experience. Moz PA scale tells the rankability strength of a page in comparison to others in the same domain or of competitors.

Industry leader Emily from SEO Expertise highlights, "PA focuses on how well your website's individual pages can perform. It's the key to unlocking an effective content strategy – strong pages mean a powerful website."

What is the Importance of DA PA in SEO? 

Domain authority and page authority provide valuable insights into how well a website is performing on search engine result pages. This is why both of these logarithmic scales are important when it comes to determining if a website or web page is well-optimized and well-reputed or not.

In simple words, DA and PA mark the ranking strength of a website and web page, respectively. You must know that whenever we analyze a website or web page from the SEO perspective, we take a special look at how much ranking strength it has. This is because ranking strength helps us to decide if the website or web page is worth linking out or buying or not.

It is important to note that apparently page authority is not considered a ranking factor but it has a huge impact on website domain authority. The more pages of a website have a higher authority, the more domain authority it gains. Whereas the better the domain authority score, the more quickly it ranks and becomes reputable.

To be more clear, the DA PA significantly helps to earn the trust of search engines as well as users. More trust means more authority whereas more authority means more ranking strength.

In the words of Rebecca who has also earned a great name in the field of SEO, "DA and PA aren't just numbers; they are the compass guiding your SEO journey. They help you navigate the complex landscape of search engine optimization, assisting you in making informed decisions and achieving your online visibility goals."

Why You Need to Use DA PA Checker?

This is the most common question that every beginner tends to ask. There can be several reasons why you need to use the DA PA checker but the most important one is that "it provides quick and accurate estimation of a website or web page's ranking strength".

Obviously, you can not manually audit each web page of a website to determine how much ranking strength it has. It is nearly impossible and too hectic, Right? So, what you can do to save yourself from this trouble is make use of a powerful DA PA checker.

The DA PA Checkers takes less than a second to thoroughly audit the given website or web page and measure its ranking strength. For instance, if you take advantage of our DA PA Checker then you will get a quick and accurate estimation of how well your website and web pages are performing on SERPs.

Just a matter of seconds and it highlights the DA PA score of the given web resource. Once you know the authority score, you can easily plan and improve your SEO strategies.

How to Increase DA PA of a Website?

This is indeed a million-dollar question and if you know the right answer then nothing can stop your site from performing well on the search engine result pages.

Here are some effective ways that you can follow to increase the DA PA of a website with ease:

Get Multiple Quality Backlinks 

Backlink building comes first to mind when we talk about the DA PA of a website. This is because a quality backlink significantly boosts the authority of a website or web page.

Therefore, if you want to increase the DA PA of a website then you need to build as many backlinks as possible.

Remember that backlink building won't pay off unless the backlinks are received from quality websites and according to the guidelines of Google. There are some factors that you need to consider to ensure that the backlinks you get are good enough to increase your website DA PA.

Always get backlinks from a wide range of relevant websites with a high DA score. It would be better if the backlink drives the traffic to the most important page of your website.

Don't forget that the content in which your backlink is placed must be well-written, optimized, and valuable.

Pay Attention to User Needs

When you pay special attention to identifying and meeting the needs of your users, your website automatically starts to gain more ranking strength.

You need to find out what is that your target audience is looking for and how you can deliver it. 

For example, you have a fashion blog. Perform market research and figure out what your target audience likes to read about the most. It can be about quick makeup tips, college dress ideas, the best summer outfit collection, and anything that can guide your audience to perfect their fashion sense. Cover everything in your blog that your readers might want useful and engaging. Basically, it is all about featuring what adds value to your users.

Once you do it, the relevant websites will automatically start linking out to you, giving your credibility and authority a boost. This will help the best to improve your search engine rankings.

Prioritize Keyword Relevance

If you want your website or web pages to gain more authority then focus on keyword relevance. Always target the right and relevant keywords in your content.

The search engine is more likely to rank the content that's completely relevant to the user's search query. Well, this doesn't mean that if you randomly stuff your content with relevant keywords then it will rank higher.

You need to understand that the keywords must be strategically chosen and then used in the content to yield good results.

For instance, you are writing an article about "digital marketing" for your website. It would be best if you add relevant keywords like "digital marketing definition" "digital marketing importance", "digital marketing benefits", and "digital marketing fields" in your content.

Remember that whatever keywords you choose to target in your content, always take care of the webmaster guidelines about keyword density and usage. You need to know how many times to use a keyword and where.

There is one more thing that can help you to increase website DA PA and that's topical relevance. Try to cover all aspects of a parent topic in different posts on your site. Also, don't forget to Internally link the relevant posts.

Create More Quality Content

All of your SEO efforts will pay off if you have quality content to offer. You need to make sure that the content you publish on your site can benefit and engage the audience.

Keep in mind that your content must be centered around the audience's needs. You can deliver quality content only when you know what your users want from you and how to fill the competitive gaps in an easy way. 

Most importantly, your content must be readable, unique, and relevant. Neither it should match another resource nor it should contain any irrelevant information and difficult-to-understand wording. In addition, your content must be appealing enough to captivate the users.

Just make sure that your content stands out from the rest and adds value to the audience, your website DA PA will take no time to increase.

Improve the User Experience

No matter how quality content you create, if it is not easily findable and accessible for your audience then there's no use in it.

Your website's user interface must be well-designed to ensure a smooth user experience. It includes the site structure, navigation controls, theme, layout, and everything else that contributes to delivering a user experience.

Simply said, you can not meet the needs of your audience if you fail to present their desired content in an ideal way.

No matter what type of website you are running, just make sure that the users can feasibly obtain what they need from it. There shouldn't be any problem, especially with the appearance, navigation, and functioning.

Focus on creating a UI that appeals to your users and enables them to explore your site as conveniently as possible.

Ultimately, if you want to increase your website DA PA then make sure that your website delivers an enhanced experience to the users.

Make Use of Social Signals 

Social signals unbelievably play an important role in increasing a website's DA PA.

Think of it yourself, if your website links keep getting liked and shared across the web, then wouldn't the search engine take notice? Of course, it will. Along with driving traffic to your sites, the web links you share on social media leave a good impact on search engine crawlers.

The social signal might not be a major ranking factor, but it does help to build trustworthiness and reputation. For sure, both of these are important for search engine ranking.

Whenever you publish new content, make sure to share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. The more you post your links on social media with engaging captions and well-structured open graphs, the more your website will get social signals. Ultimately, your site's DA PA will increase. 

Mark from SEO Analytix underscores, "The calculations behind DA and PA encompass a combination of factors emphasizing quality, diversity, and relevance. Understanding these elements is vital for enhancing your website's authority."

What is a Good DA and PA Score?

Basically, a 50-60 DA PA score is considered good from the perspective of SEO. Anyhow, it takes a lot of time for any website or web page to build authority and score this much higher.

This is why the majority of SEOs and digital marketers believe that if a website has a DA PA score of more than 40 then it is worth working on. For instance, you are going to buy a domain and you come across a website that has a 41 DA score. If all other major aspects of the respective domain are checked out, then you should get it. This is because if you regularly work on a website with this much DA score, then you can quickly improve its ranking strength and get the most out of it.

Remember that if you ought to get a backlink from a website or have your link inserted in any of its pages then you should make sure that it has at least 40+ DA PA score(s).

Is Domain Authority a Ranking Factor? 

Interestingly, Domain Authority is not a ranking factor but it contributes a lot to getting the best out of SEO efforts.

Although Google hasn't included DA in the list of ranking factors, it is believed that if a website has a higher DA PA score then it is more expected to perform well on result pages. This means that it can rank or probably already rank higher on SERPs.

You can think of DA as a way to get into the good books of search engines and users. It has a significant impact on ensuring the credibility of a website.

For sure, you would prefer to publish a guest post on a high DA website as Google prioritizes the backlinks that are given from authoritative sites in a natural way. Likewise, you would opt to buy a website that has a higher DA score because such websites come with quality content and quality backlinks.

What are the Key Factors that Determine the DA and PA of a website?

Understanding how Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) are calculated is essential to leverage these metrics effectively. While Moz, the pioneer in this field, does not disclose the precise algorithm, they provide a comprehensive insight into the factors influencing these scores.

For Domain Authority (DA):

  1. Linking Root Domains: The number of unique websites linking to your domain is a significant factor. Quality and quantity both matter, but having a broad diversity of linking root domains is crucial in getting high authority.
  2. Total Backlinks: The total number of backlinks is another vital aspect while assigning you a DA score. Having numerous websites linking to your content indicates your site's credibility and relevance.
  3. Content Quality: The overall quality and relevance of your content play a substantial role. Well-structured, informative, and engaging content can attract more backlinks and increase your domain authority.
  4. Website Age: Older, more established websites typically have higher DAs. This factor emphasizes the importance of consistency and longevity in SEO efforts.

For Page Authority (PA):

  1. Linking Root Domains: Similar to DA, the number of unique websites linking to a specific page influences its Page Authority.
  2. Total Backlinks: The total number of backlinks to the specific page is considered. High-quality backlinks can have a more substantial impact on the authority of a page.
  3. On-Page Optimization: Factors like keyword usage, content quality, and meta tags contribute to a page's PA. Well-optimized pages tend to have higher PAs.
  4. Internal Linking: Internal links from other pages on your website can help distribute authority throughout your site and enhance specific pages' PAs.
  5. Social Signals: While not as prominent as other factors, social signals like shares and likes can indirectly impact PA by driving more traffic and engagement.

It's essential to note that both DA and PA are logarithmic scales, meaning that increasing your score from 20 to 30 is more achievable than raising it from 70 to 80. Continuous effort and a holistic SEO strategy are key to improving these metrics.